A Transcription of the First Minute Segment of Inform: O&A

A- And welcome back to Inform on ****, I’m Alex-

O- And this is Olivia-

A- And so, Olivia, what did you want to be talking about today?

O- Well, I wanted to talk about the discussion, about Puritanism, how it connects with modern-day queer poetry.

A- What I’m wondering is- and I know Puritanism is- I think of the pilgrims, so how do we go from Puritans and being prim and proper to the flamboyancy of today’s poetry? How do we get there?

O- That’s an interesting question. So I found- through my findings online- that Puritanism, it is, well you can hear it in the term, it’s pure, it seems like America was trying to maintain that sort of moral purity in poetry-

A- And remind me, with this era we’re coming out of Victorian England, right? So we’re thinking sonnets?

O- Sonnets and Shakespeare and the representation of queer men-

A- So sonnets, Shakespeare, queer men- you’re thinking of how Lil Nas X is sort of a modern-day Shakespeare in that sense?

[that’s a minute’s worth of airtime]




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Alex B.

Alex B.

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